Objects, Weapons and other Technology ((WIP))

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Objects, Weapons and other Technology ((WIP))

Post by Alex on Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:03 am

Objects, Weapons and other Technology

Here you will find a complete compendium of all forms of technology found in the RP in alphabetic order. Additionally, there will be a template beneath the list in the event that you are interested in adding some things of your own. Keep in mind that any additions to the RP need to first be approved by a moderator and that it will cost you - like with any other player-made item added to the RP - some AEC. The reasons for this are listed in the STICKY THREAD FOUND IN THE SHOP WHICH SHOULD BE LINKED HERE WHEN I'M DONE. Objects are listed following a sub-group and alphabetical method, and any object created by a member will only be added within a week of its approval, so don't expect it to be instantly popping up in the shop or some such. Note that in the case of items which belong in this listing, the AEC cost also covers one variant of the item to be sent into the inventory of a character of your choosing.

The world of Apocrypha RP features a variety of potential weapons for your characters. Here is a listing of those various weapons.

  • Simple Weapons: A simple weapon is, essentially, any weapon that does not have a secondary form, does not function using plasma, and is not imprinted with magical runes. It can be a ranged or melee weapon. These weapons - while not as efficacious as weapons from the other 3 groups, trump them by being significantly inexpensive in comparison, and can be just as lethal in the hands of a competent wielder.
  • Plasma Weapons: Plasma weapons are weapons which make use of plasma and - as such - have an extremely high damage output seeing as they can generally shoot through / pierce / cut anything in their path. However, they are more expensive than simple weapons and can in certain situations come off as somewhat overkill.
  • Runic Weapons: Runic weapons are, essentially, simple weapons ornate with magical runes that bestow them with the ability to boost their user's stats, or magical abilities. They are expensive compared to simple weapons, but surpass them in terms of magical prowess.
  • Hybrid Weapons: Hybrid weapons are weapons which combine two - though sometimes more - otherwise simple weapons into one, though some may possess elements of plasma or runic weaponry. Of course, these trump all others in terms of versatility and particularly quality weapons of this group trump all others seeing as they encompass them all, but their cost and the time it takes to switch between two forms of the weapon usually being no faster than sheathing one weapon and unsheathing another tends to ward off potential buyers.


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