The Setting and Story

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The Setting and Story

Post by Alex on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:48 pm

It is the year 2017 F.G., the F.G. here signifying "F'vapr Gv'a'zr", which literally translates to "Since Time".

This, of course, meaning that this calendar dates back to the invention of time-keeping for the society which created it. No, this isn't an alternate reality - well, it is, we're in a role-play after all - but we follow our Earth's continuity... by a few epochs.

In the year 6327 (A.D. this time, mind you), the Earth as you - my dear Role-Player - know it was rendered all but uninhabitable. As a result, a desperate humanity did its best to send out various probes into space in hopes of finding an inhabitable planet. Somehow, they succeeded. Sadly, this planet was all too distant for humanity to reach it at its current technological level, and in the following century, the human race was all but wiped out.

Curiously, however, this is where our story begins rather than ends. You see, biological remnants of humanity in the form of various bacteria managed to survive the trip aboard the probe, and managed to flourish on this new planet. With evolution and adaptation, through circumstance and chance, species approaching the homo sapien as we know it today were born. Now, here we are, in the year 2017 of their age.

But of course, what would be the point - from a setting-establishment perspective, I mean - for an RP to take place on another planet if, fundamentally speaking, what we have on our hands is nothing but common humans? Well, fret not. There's quite a bit of distinction between this world and your own, as you will soon see for yourself!

Quite a bit has come to pass from the arrival of the probe to the current date, but I'd rather avoid force-feeding you a load of exposition in regards to the equivalent of this era's dinosaurs up to the planetary equivalent of the dark ages. Rather, I'll focus on the semi-immediate ongoings and the key features of the setting at hand. Are you following me on this? Good. In that case, prepare yourself for quite a venture into...


On the planet of Kyre, thus, life began anew. However, two elements which were not present in the original evolution of humanity as we know it had their hand in the end result.

The first of these being, of course, the previous evolutionary development which occurred back on Earth. Biology had already "stretched its wings" so to speak, and so things moved along at a slightly faster pace than they had on Earth. A prime example of this being a greater range of sapient and sentient species and races on this globe, some even evolving upon its moons thanks to the presence of oxygen upon them.

The second element being the presence of an atmospheric element known as Mana, which fueled what could be considered a form of 'magic' which served to influence both evolution and technological development over the years. This unique environmental self-renewing force had a formidable hand in helping technology move forward in more ways than one, so much so that most mechanisms present in this day and age function in a way that would be impossible on Earth, powered by this physical - yet almost otherworldly all the while - source.

Over the course of the years, species have come and gone, civilizations have risen and fallen, wars, cultures and societies have begun and ended. Eventually however, things reached a rather interesting point. This, for reference - in case you'd fancy writing a time-line - would be the year 0 F.G., the birth of the present calendar, where evolution was believed to have stagnated. At this point in time, technology had just undergone a boom. It had not quite reached the point it is at today, but it was sufficiently significant for sapient folk not to have to concern themselves with things that were the focus of their ancestors' lives such as day-to-day survival and fending off predators. Life reached a certain degree of comfort for the most evolved of beings, namely the Kyrians, Madrid, Bothrians, Vivians, Korians, Lilimians, Nocturnes and Devans, though more nascent species would reach maturity further on in spite of popular belief.  These sapient species, while being sub-groups which followed slightly different evolutionary paths, seemed to interact positively with one another for the most part and were able to develop cultures, these cultures sparked the birth of countries, governments, hierarchies, and - unfortunately, as progress often inevitably stems - war.

The year 1939 gave birth to the second "World War", opposing continent against continent on a scale which even dwarfed that of the previous intercontinental war of 1797. This war would last the better part of two decades, and its end - while it marked a unity among sapient folk the likes of which had never been seen - also gave birth to the plague that is still being faced today; the Malfection.


Over the course of the war, a warlock from the continent of Mammol developed a rather unique bacterial weapon which had for ultimate goal to raze opposing forces by having them fight among themselves, spreading the disease all the while, until eventually the country would have too few willing and able to continue the conflict and would see themselves forced to surrender either to Mammol, to their eventual extermination at the hands of the plague, or both.

As most people who've ever had the luxury of reading any material regarding a virus that turns people into mindless, violent creatures intent on spreading the disease which affects them could tell; this worked even better than expected. Unfortunately; due to an incident caused by an unforeseen earthquake which shook the very foundation of the warlock's laboratory, the first victims turned out to be the very continent he was attempting to use the weapon for.

To make the virus a real threat, the warlock had used magic to make it an incurable disease propagated by the contact with bodily fluids. Biting, clawing, having saliva, blood or the likes enter an orifice or touch an open wound, and you were - for all intents and purposes - doomed to the faith of a nigh-mindless, violent, cannibalistic, monstrous creature. What the warlock did not take into account was the other effects that the virus would demonstrate, as it not only made the victims indiscriminately hostile, but made them bigger, stronger, faster, and provided them with a frightening tool; a hive mind. What's more, despite the fact that they could hardly be considered sapient at this point, those among them which formerly possessed the skill maintained a talent for magic - albeit somewhat tempered by their lessened mental faculties - and so began an era of terror.

What's more, the spread of the disease did not limit itself to sapient beings, and was spread to fauna and flora alike through unknown means, quickly changing the entire ecosystem of entire continents at a time as survivors struggled to keep away from the steady progress across the world of this seemingly unstoppable curse. Quickly, the infected became known as the Malfected, as they were - as some poets of the time put it - "infected with malevolence", and people quaked in fear of the mere use of the term.


Thankfully, no one thing is entirely good or evil. With the Malfection, sapient beings were more united than ever before in their struggle, and with this unity came organization, and among those organizations was a group known simply to this day as "The Hunters".

It didn't take a mathematician to realize that the only way to cut the Malfection in its tracks was to hunt down the infected and eliminate them before they could infect others. That said, this was no easy task to accomplish by this point, with three continents and two of Kyre's moons already suffering from signs of the Malfected's presence by the time of the Hunters' formation.

Nevertheless, the Hunters did their best to quell the numbers of the Malfected as much as was physically possible and managed to do so with minimal qualities on their end. They were methodical, competent, versatile, dedicated and - most importantly - lethal. Knowing that it would be impossible to rid the world of all the Malfected if the Malfection continued to spread at its current pace, the Hunters did their best to assist in the construction of protective walls around key areas which had been cleared of the disease, offering shelter to those less capable of defending themselves and ensuring that a wrench wasn't thrown into the defensive efforts by the arrival of an unexpected Malfected. They would then view to the formation of Wardens whom would be in charge of protecting these areas once the Hunters moved on to other locations worthy of clearing out and protecting.

This managed to go on for a while until the original Hunters realized that - as they'd been fearing for a while now - the purge of the Malfection would not occur in their lifetimes. However, they did not let this conquer them, and rather ensured that future generations would be able to finish their work in their place by establishing Academies within the most important districts, where the formation of future Hunters could take place. With that done, the original band of Hunters separated themselves so that one of them could stand as headmaster of each academy until the day of their passing. Hearing of this, sapience had its faith in a favorable future restored and both Lilimians and Nocturnes began descended from their home on one of Kyre's moons to make a settlement of their own. Following that, the age of the First Hunters ended in the year 1966 as the last living among them - Vicar Lyenne D. Arkness - succumbed to the ravages of time at the age of 71. The day of her death marked the age of the First Hunters, and was henceforth named the "Day of the Blue Dusk" to reflect the profound sadness of the event.


Despite the formation of more and more Hunters and Wardens taking place, the Malfection seemed to increase in intensity and the creatures only became more frightening with the passing of the years. Eventually, intel that shook the beliefs of the Hunters to their core came in the form of a mortally wounded man managing to send a last message to the current Headmasters of the Academies; "They have a leader... Sukkorya..."

This "Sukkorya", which became recently known as the "Dread Empress", seemed to make her presence known just as news of her existence came to light; the Malfected were becoming more capable, more strategical, competent... as though they'd been lulling us into a false sense of security over the course of the past decades before striking us with all of their might. The same night as the message came to the ears of the academies, the city which housed one of them was attacked with frightening numbers and a voracity unseen before. The sun rose over a now defunct academy which was replaced overnight by a massive macabre spire which would come to be known as Sukkorya's Spire. This day would henceforth be referred to as the "Day of the Red Dawn", and - like the "Day of the Blue Dusk" before it, would eventually find itself isolated from the rest of the calendar, as though a month of their own.


But despite the difficulties of ages past, the Hunters do not give up in their quest to end the Malfection. Today, they are far more numbered than ever before, and though the same can be said of the Malfected, they do not intend to let that stop them. Now, join them, and take up arms against the Dread Empress Sukkorya, that we may find peace anew!


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