Role-Play Rules

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Role-Play Rules

Post by Alex on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:05 pm

  1. Admin's word is law. The rules they make are set in stone and you are required to follow them. Those rules will be found in this topic.
  2. No god-modding.
  3. No power-playing.
  4. No auto-hitting.
  5. It is perfectly normal for a character to ignore another, that's life, but at least acknowledge that your character is ignoring them in your post so as to passively include the other participants of the thread.
  6. If you have more than one character in a thread, please treat each of them as individual posts even if you have them all act one after the other. Likewise, for clarification's sake, ensure that the sections for each character are clearly separated. How you choose to do so is up to you but I highly recommend bold, character-colored, headers.

    Lee let out a sigh as he turned to look over to Sarah and Paul, it wasn't that their conversation wasn't necessarily worthwhile a conversation to be had, but there were times and places for all things and 'in the middle of a hunt, outside the city walls' was not the ideal place to discuss their personal feelings towards the way they liked their eggs in the morning. "This is why I hate having couples tag along...", he thought, and gave them both a glare. "Would it hurt you two to focus?" He asked on a less-than-polite tone.


    Sarah couldn't help but chuckle at Paul's way of describing eggs sunny-side up, it was like the young man hadn't eaten in days by the sound of him. "Well, if you hunt down more malfected than I do, I'll make you eggs just the way you like them, alright?" She offered both as a means to demonstrate friendship and instigate a little competition in their mission of the moment. This would be when she heard Lee's comment, and her facial expression went from an earlier much friendlier demeanor to a scowl as she turned to the group-leader-in-name she'd found herself stuck with. "Less than it'd hurt you to ask politely, apparently." She let out, though she did acknowledge his comment and give the area a once-over. Who knew? Maybe they'd be jumped by something soon.

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