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Combat System

Post by Alex on Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:53 am

It's come to my attention that in several RPs where combat takes place either among players or against NPCs, it is rather difficult for players, moderators and administrators alike to come to agree on case-by-case scenarios. Yes, there are existing systems such as the T-1 system which were purposefully built to semi-regulate role-play combat, but even they usually have to rely on a third party functioning as a referee of sorts. To put it bluntly; I don't like reffing, forcing it upon others, or killing the pace of an RP by making people wait until someone reaches a decision which they may or may not agree upon. Therefore, I will put in place a stat-based combat system which I expect members to adhere to. You MAY go without it should everyone involved agree to do so, but - and I cannot stress this enough - I will give demerit to anyone who asks me or a moderator to regulate a fight that does NOT use the system.

With that said, here are the details;

To help fights function smoothly and without a hitch, a stat system has been put in place to ensure that everything is perfectly regulated. A summary description of what each stat does is already found in the "character creation profile" found in the "character creation" forum of the RP, but this will be much more detailed.

-Endurance: This stat, functionally speaking, is like your character's Health Points or HP as can be seen in most RPGs and Videogames. Basically, when you take damage, it gets subtracted from here. When this hits 0, you either die or are knocked out depending on the preferences of your opponent. Certain items and abilities will allow you to recover HP, but more on that later. It is to be noted that in actual combat, this value is multiplied by 10. So if your Endurance is a 5, you have 50 HP.
-Energy: If Endurance is your HP, Energy is your MP (or SP), used to perform skills and artes (magical spells in the RP). When this hits 0, you cannot use any of your special abilities, so be careful! 1 Energy equals 10 SP. Again, certain items and abilities allow SP to recover much like HP, and the Will stat (see below) also allows you to recover Energy.
-Strength: Plain and simple, this is how much damage your character deals upon successful attacks. This stat also has an impact on your offensive skills.
-Toughness: This stat governs how much damage your character can block. In addition, it affects defensive skills. For example, if someone with a Strength of 11 hit you and you had a Toughness of 6, you'd take (11-6=5) 5 damage rather than 11.
-Dexterity: This stat determines how many actions your character can undertake in one post during combat, whether this be a regular attack, using a skill, using an arte, blocking, dodging, using a tool or artefact, consuming an item, or using it on someone else. The normal amount of actions a character can carry out in a given post is 3, with an additional action for every 10 points in this section.
-Agility: This stat affects your character's ability to dodge and governs evasive skills. You can dodge 3 times IN AN ENTIRE FIGHT. If your opponent's agility is double your own, this number is lowered to two. If yours is double their own, this number is increased to four. Keep that in mind when deciding whether an attack is worth avoiding or not.
-Will: How much conviction does your character possess? This stat determines how much your Energy recovers by every post, allowing you to use skills and artes, and also determines the efficacy of artes.

Of course, it'd be pretty boring if all characters were limited to having exactly the same abilities, so for the sake of making combat a tad more interesting, certain abilities known as Skills, Talents, and Artes are in place to spice things up and let you create as unique a character as possible. Below is a description of each, followed by a general idea of their uses and a couple of examples, though more will be found in the Information section.

Skills/Talents: This section encompasses all non-magical abilities and specializations. These two elements, however, can be cleanly separated. Skills are - in essence - unique abilities your character can make use of that utilize a stat other than the Will stat. For example, a mighty sword swing would require strength, and a rapid flurry would require dexterity. Meanwhile, Talents are "passive", in the sense that they are always active over the course of a fight and need not be activated. They're modifiers which can be tacked on to certain actions, abilities, etc.

-Skills: Skills fit under three sub-categories; offensive, defensive, and evasive. The category a skill falls under is decided by what intended effect it possesses and the stats that affect it. For example; a technique that deals damage using the dexterity, strength, or both stats, is an offensive skill. A technique that blocks incoming damage using the toughness stat and reduces it is a defensive skill, and a skill that avoids damage through the use of the agility stat is an evasive skill. That said, a skill may do more than one of those things, and so falls into the category of what it does first. For example, a counter-attack would require to either dodge or block first, and so, it would not fall under offensive skills. You can find examples of skills in the Information section.

-Talents: Talents do not have sub-categories, and are usually named after what they affect. Basically, talents either; a) increase the effect of a certain skill or artes type when used by the character, b) reduce the effect of a certain skill or artes type when used against the character, c) enhances the effect of a certain skill, artes, or item type in some way, d) increases a given stat when a specific action is performed, or e) offers an alternate route to a desired effect, such as sacrificing Endurance rather than Energy to use a skill, or reducing the cost of a particular action when certain conditions are met. Again, examples can be found in the Information section.

Artes: Artes distinguish themselves from the Skills and Talents in two specific ways; 1. They always involve the Will stat in some way. 2. They are always magical in nature. Basically, they allow you to do things which physical ability alone would not permit. Like skills and talents, they fall under different sections, which will be explored in detail below;

-Offensive Artes: Offensive Artes are artes that deal direct damage to a specific target on a single hit. Think fireballs or blades of wind.

-Defensive Artes: Defensive Artes are artes that mitigate incoming damage in a way. Think barriers and energy fields.

-Boosting Artes: Boosting Artes are artes that either increase a stat or offer some other benefit to the user or another for a select period of time. Think magical armor and strength boosts.

-Dulling Artes: Dulling Artes are artes that either decrease a stat or offer some disadvantage to another for a select period of time. Think poisons and nets.

-Alternate Artes: If it uses magic through spending energy and making use of the Will stat but does not fit in any above category, it is an Alternate Artes. Those are subject to heavy scrutiny by the moderators and admins, but if you can get one approved, it might be the most versatile tool in your arsenal. Speaking of arsenal...

Every little bit helps when it comes to a fight for survival in a harsh reality where everything is or may be out to get you. [WIP]

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