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Terms of Conduct

Post by Alex on Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:48 pm

  1. Be kind and respectful, at least outside of role-play, that is. In role-play, it's fair game; drama is encouraged. Outside however, we expect you to follow this golden rule.

  2. Yes, you're allowed to curse, but if you do, please keep it tasteful. Don't pack in a swear every 3 letters.

  3. Don't spam. Unless you really feel the need, there's a chatterbox forum specifically for that. Other than that, a clean forum is a happy forum.

  4. Please refrain from god-modding/power-playing. This means control only your own characters. You can't kill or seriously injure another player's character without that role-player's permission either. In fact, avoid auto-hitting in general and everything should be fine.

  5. Try not to leave people behind in a topic just because they aren't on. It's rude and it makes them feel unwanted. As a rule of thumb, allow for 24 hours to pass before skipping someone in the post order.

  6. There's no "character limit". Your first two creations are "free", however, any characters made after that must be permitted by a moderator or administrator beforehand.

  7. No double posting. Yes, it is annoying when people don't respond right away, but be patient or send a polite PM.

  8. Adult content is allowed. That said, this is only true as far as text is concerned, there will be absolutely no tolerance for such content as far as images and/or videos are concerned. Likewise, we ask that you specify that such content will be or could be seen in a topic via the addition of a "[18+]" at the start of the topic title like so; "[18+](title)". Example; "[18+] A night to remember"

  9. Alex is the sole administrator of this site and reserves the right to add and/or remove rules as need be. Therefore, please give this list a once-over on a monthly basis to ensure you do not break newly instated rules.

  10. Alex is the sole administrator of this site and reserves the right to ban/reinstate members at his leisure. That said, don't break the rules and he'll leave you be.

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