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  • Asmod

    The sunlit half of Lilim, it is the birthplace of the Lilimian race, but also the home of many predatorial creatures. It's capital is the city of Dem, where presides the current ruler of Lilim; queen Azura the IIIrd.
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  • Noctis

    Noctis, the dark-clad portion of Lilim, is the birthplace of the Nocturnes. Its core cities are lit to allow the comfort of species lacking night vision, and it houses the most voracious naturally-occurring fauna and flora found in Kyre's orbit. Adding a rather harsh winter lasting nine months out of a year to this equation explains why Noctis was barely touched by the Malfection which impacted the rest of the planetary system.
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  • Styk

    The sea that circumnavigates the moon of Lilim, save for a few natural bridges crossing between both hemispheres. It is the principal source of water for all inhabitants. A few small islands also exist at its center, and it is ten kilometers wide at its narrowest. Rumors of caves below sea level exist, though their existence has yet to be proven.
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